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Nigel Tufnel Day

Ben Westhoff, on LAWeekly.com has declared this Friday to be Nigel Tufnel Day. But not everyone agrees.

According to Westhoff, various city and state officials have refused to rise to the occasion and declare a day in honor of Spinal Tap’s lead singer, and his famous speech about the necessity of extra amplifier power for proper rock and roll. Tufnel, biographed in the 1984 documentary This Is Spinal Tap, has custom amplifiers that go all the way to 11, giving him a ten percent advantage over any band using conventional 10-level amplifiers.

Westhoff has taken the matter into his own hands, and declared this Friday, November 11th, as Nigel Tufnel day. He states that this is to be an international holiday which “transcends all boundaries, both political and geographic.” Celebrated with paid vacation days for all employed people and a temporary stay on the laws of physics, Tufnel Day will be commemorated by “all paying respect to a tiny Stonehenge” at 11:00 am and a curious ritual known as The Smelling Of The Glove at 11:00 pm. Here at Zvents, we think he’s right. If any day this century should be Nigel Tufnel Day, then 11/11/’11 is it.

Fortunately, many people who are not city or state officials have gleefully capitulated to Westhoff’s demands, and Nigel Tufnel Day events are happening all over.

DiPiazza’s in Long Beach, CA is celebrating with a Nigel Tufnel Day Show featuring Naked & Shameless, and Bruno’s in San Francisco has tribute to England’s loudest band featuring several bands. Not to be outdone, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA, is hosting a Spinal Tap/Christopher Guest Tribute Show. We’re not sure who this Christopher Guest is (probably a Nigel Tufnel impersonator), but if it wasn’t so far from the Zvents office, that’s exactly where we would be!

Search for Nigel Tufnel Day on your local Zvents partner to find all the cool Nigel Tufnel Day events out there. And then, turn it up to 11!

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