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Don’t Fall Behind!

Here in the San Francisco Bay the end of August always starts to fee a bit like fall already. It’s a short summer, but we have a long autumn and mild winter to look forward to, and around here they’re always full of neat stuff to do. Some of these events get planned months in advance, but when should they get posted on Zvents?

Well, here’s some information!

Most people start looking for stuff to do a month in advance. They don’t stop looking a month in advance, of course, but few people think ahead further than that. For promoters, this means you’ll see clicks start to pick up about 30 days out, and then steadily increase. So to get as many hits on your listing as possible, you want to make sure it’s listed well in advance of the date.

Most listings see a steady increase like a long, slow stair case with a sharp spike in the end. First, there’s that gradual increase, starting a month out and slowly climbing. On top of that, people search for events most often on Fridays and Saturdays, so those are spike days. You’ll see a low interest early on, then a spike on Friday and Saturday, and then a drop down almost as far as the week before, but not quite as far. The next week, there will be a higher spike, and a smaller fall, and hits will increase in waves.

Finally, in the last 48 hours, there’s an exponential increase in clicks on an event. It seems some people really do wait until the last minute! That’s OK- it’s exactly why we built this database. But this spike also includes all those people who marked their calendars for your event and are doing a last-minute check-in for the time and address. For both those reasons, you’ll want to have your event listing up for at least a few weeks before the event happens so links can build up and search engines can index it.

Did you know it can take a week to build outside links? Search engines index the web, and then just search through this index instead crawling the whole web in real time. As you can imagine, it can take a while to index everything! It takes Google a bit under a week, so your listing should appear in Google within five days of creating it. But it doesn’t always take that long- depending on where in the index cycle it happens to be, you could be listed much faster than that.

Zvents’ internal search engine has a much smaller database to index, so it can churn through all our listings is about two hours. If you create an event listing, it’ll be visible on the internet through a direct link right away, but it can take up to two hours to show up in search. Again, though, that’s a maximum time- it’s usually much faster.

So all things considered, you certainly want to put your listing up at least a week in advance to get all those last-minute thrill seekers, but a month is even better. And of course you can post events up to a year in advance, so don’t wait! If you’ve got an event happening any time this fall or winter, put it up as soon as you’ve nailed down the venue and the date. You can always come back later and edit it if the details change.

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