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The Many Faces of Zvents

Since we founded Zvents in 2005, our vision has been to power the “facts” of events behind every different presentation, in every media outlet.  For many of our 300+ media partners, we provide a complete application, in several different forms.  Many of you are familiar with the Classic layout- it’s the one most of our partner sites use, such as the events section on SFGate.com. It’s a clean, easy to read layout that’s served Zvents faithfully for a long time, and is going strong on most of our partner sites.

Another interface you’ll be familiar with is the new layout on Zvents.com. This one has all the same content, search, and functionality, but also has a lot of neat upgrades like simplified search input, better search results and larger images all around. It started out on Zvents, and we’re getting close to deploying it on a lot of our partners. In fact, GuideLive.com in Dallas is running some beta tests for us, and wow, does it looks sharp in their colors! Go check out their beautiful new events page!

But a common platform, no matter how powerful and flexible, only gets you so far.  And our vision has always been to be everywhere.  So what about places that really like to mix things up on their events page, and have event listings right next to their headlines and blogs? First, we’ve got widgets, which allow partners like Richmond.com’s events page to build a really neat page, simply by mixing different Zvents widgets with their own content to make for a truly unique experience. SFGate.com’s front page is certainly more news-based (it is a front page, after all) but they have a Zvents widget called Things To Do right there on the right rail as well. Classy, understated and very, very useful.

Finally, we have our API partners. These guys use our events index and search functionality to power completely custom products which they design, giving them enormous flexibility. A prominent example of a site that uses the Zvents API is Bing.com’s events section. It looks nothing like Zvents, but delivers great user functionality in a sleek search package.

Some great examples… but these are all websites, and there’s more to ‘everywhere’ than the Web.  How about the iPad?  Check out TapInBayArea.com’s iPad app that we talked about in our last post. It’s a fast, sleek mobile platform for the iPad that lets you find their news content and Zvents’ event content side-by-side.

There are many, many other Zvents partners out there (over three hundred, and more every day), and they all have their own unique sites and apps. The one thing they have in common is that they all use the best events service in the world to help you find cool stuff to do.

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  1. August 20, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Just checked out a few of the events pages, are you located only in one area, or do you do events all thoughout the US?

  2. August 22, 2011 at 5:57 pm


    We’re all over the US, and have a growing international user base as well. You can use the Change Location link at the top of the Zvents.com home page to change your home area, or just type your location into the Near box to search that area.


    The Z-Team

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